Can I use the service without a Google account?

The sign in alternatives are endless. For now Ezeride offers support for Google accounts and Apple ID. Please give us feedback about what sign in services you use so that we can give you access.

How do I create my own Ezeride account?

Signing up for the service is as easy as signing in in the app. Don’t forget to review our terms of service.

How do i sign out?

Press your profile picture to reach the meny and there you find sign out option.

Why do I not get any notifications?

Make sure you allow the app to send notifications for upcoming trips, pick ups and matches.

Why is my account inactivated?

If we have detected possible fraudulent activity on your account, or anything else that violates our Terms and Conditions, we have inactivated it.

How can I access my receipts?

Receipts will be send to your email address.

What kind of subscriptions do you offer?

We offer a Premium subscription that is paid either privately or by your employer.

My payment was not accepted, what should I do?

Check that the card has not expired or been blocked.

Make sure you have enough money.

Make sure you enter the information correctly, especially the 3-digit code on the back of the card (CVV / CVC security code).

Make sure your card can be used for overseas purchases, secure online purchases and recurring purchases. You can contact your bank or credit card issuer to verify it.

Will Ezeride work on my mobile device?

Ezeride offers apps for both iOS and Android and should support all the common phones.

How do I cancel my account?

There is currently no option to cancel account in the app. Contact us.

Why should i specify gender?

To use our gender filtration when you search for a trip.

What does it cost?

SEK 20 per month and user.

Where do i find payment history?

Payments can be found under History in the app. We also send a receipt to your email.

How and when do i pay for my subscription?

Payment is made monthly with the card you activated.

How do i change my personal information?

You change it under your profile page in the app. You reach your profile page by pressing your image in the upper right corner.

What are the general terms and conditions?

Here you find all terms and conditions here – www.ezeride.io/termsandconditions

How do I accept an invitation?

The app sends a note when a user wants to connect to your trip. You will then be given the Accepted or Deny option on your travel card.

How do I deny an invitation?

The app sends a note when a user wants to connect to your trip. You will then be given the Accepted or Deny option on your travel card.

How do I pay for the trip?

After completing the trip you will receive a payment instructions depending on the kilometer price and the distance you traveled. Payment is made via Swish.

Queue travel without a match

If the app does not find a match, click Wait for the invitation and you will be notified when the trip is matched.

Filter matches

You can choose to filter your matches on the same gender or same company. The filtration is available for increased security for all travelers.

Plan upcoming trips

You can plan your trips for the whole week, just add a trip and set a date. The trips are then shown under My trips.

What is the trip price based on?

The trip is priced based on the driver’s kilometer price as well as the distance you choose to go.

How do I get in contact with my fellow passengers?

For each trip, a chat opens so you can easily communicate with fellow travelers.  You find the under each travel card.