Ezeride Carpooling

Connect with people going similar route that’s want to commute together and save time and money.The app does all the work, based on your settings you will get a match the day before the trip. 

You choose if you want to drive och just tag along and of course you can both accept and decline trips. The route is automatically calculated and also all costs. Pay for your ride with help of swish.

Invite colleagues or neighbors and ride together! 

  • Login – Apple ID or Google
  • Commute settings
  • In-app messaging
  • Matching function
  • Payment (Swish)
  • Filter by gender and company
  • Carbon footprint statistics

Start carpooling today!

The four empty seats in our cars are untapped resources.

With our carpooling app everyone is able to travel sustainably. We aim for decreased emissions and reduce numbers of cars in traffic and to gain positive effects on the environment. You can both ride with others or invite travelers to go with you. Use it to commute to work or get to the train station in an easy way.

Lets go together

  • The Ezeride Carpoolin app is a new way of carpooling
  • Be the driver or the passenger,  AI will do the match!
  • It is good for your wallet and great for our climate
  • Start today and invite your friends and colleagues 

Measure your impact

Number of employees that uses the service


Ezeride usage

Saved CO2 emissions



Saved kilometers



Reduced cars in traffic



Freed up parkings



* Yearly savings are based on an average emission of 120g per kilometer and a usage in the range from 1 passenger per week to car pooling every day.