Sharing made easy

Ezeride Share is a car sharing service that connects and share cars with a customer base and generate income for their owners when they would otherwise be standing still.

In addition, Ezeride Share allows companies and real estate owners to start station-based carpools with any car they choose. 

 With Ezeride Share, tenants, employees, and others have access to a car while simultaneously avoiding the cost and responsibility of car ownership.

The combination meets the demand on evenings and weekends

Carpools with station-based cars cause an oversupply on weekdays and an under-supply during peak demand. Real estate companies pay too much during weekdays and offer an insufficient service on weekends.

By combining station-based vehicles with P2P vehicles, the need for station-based cars decreases. During peak demand, the real estate companies can offer up their vehicles, creating a new revenue stream.

Case – Real estate company

Trollhättan’s municipal real estate company Eidar wants their cars to be used even when they do not need them. Therefore, they have started and car pool with the help of Ezeride Share. Through the app, you as a tenant have the opportunity to rent some of their electric cars during evenings and weekends.

Eidar sees this as an extended service to its tenants and an opportunity for households without their own car to do large-scale shopping, do errands or go on a trip on the weekend.

Even for households with a car, the car pool can be a good complement. A way to make everyday life easier in an environmentally sustainable way.

Ezeride Share enables real estate companies to start a car pool with their existing company cars. With our solution, we let tenants and employees book cars via the app and give them access to cars with a digital key. This gives Eidar a quick and easy start for a low price and avoids the investment of new cars. You as a customer can then decide how many and which cars will be supplemented in the future to expand the network with more cars. Regardless of whether it is new or existing cars, we solve the sharing easily.