Generation Why?

We are generation Y. We are lazy. We have no idea what hard work looks like. We are entitled. We are uncommitted. We ruin everything.

Yes, we are lazy. Why not look for new, simpler ways of doing things? We take shortcuts. Why go the longer route? We have no idea what hard work looks like because we invent ways to get the same result with less effort.

Yes, we are entitled. Why wouldn’t we all deserve to live in a world that cares about its survival? A world in which what you contribute is more important than what you own? We are entitled, and we know how to make the right demands.

Yes, we ruin things. Why uphold systems that are no longer working for us, nor the world that we are all living in? We ruin things, but we also leave space for new systems to grow in their wake.

Yes, we are uncommitted. Why commit to old ways of thinking? Why shackle ourselves to obligation and ownership? Why own and be owned? 


Ezeride develops mobility solutions for sustainable transportation by filling empty seats and getting stationary cars moving.Our mission is to streamline mobility, making it easy and available.

We are a startup founded in Trollhattan 2020 owned by Mekonomen Group and NEVS.