Ezeride Share

Next generation driving 

Owning is in the rear-view mirror. With Ezeride Share you can start sharing any car you want for any occasion – shopping trip, visiting family, going hiking. It’s easy, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Or in other words, it’s the new generation of driving.

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Ezeride Share is a car sharing service that connects and share cars with a customer base and generate income for their owners when they would otherwise be standing still.

In addition, Ezeride Share allows companies and real estate owners to start station-based carpools with any car they choose. 

With Ezeride Share, tenants, employees, and others have access to a car while simultaneously avoiding the cost and responsibility of car ownership.

With our carpooling app everyone is able to travel sustainably. We aim for decreased emissions and reduce numbers of cars in traffic and to gain positive effects on the environment. You can both ride with others or invite travelers to go with you. Use it to commute to work or get to the train station in an easy way.

Start carpooling today!

We are generation why.

Is this generation lazy, entitled, and uncommitted? We sure think so. Discover our brand story and how one 3-letter-word makes all the difference.

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